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About Me


A designer with vision

Madyson Designs is the personal portfolio and blog of Sarah Whinnem. The website came about as a graduation assignment for my BFA in Visual Communication. I have since completed my degree and have been working in the web and design field for over 10 years.  This site has since gone through several redesigns culminating in the design you see today.

By day, I’m a graphic designer for a New York City based investing startup, Betterment. I’m tasked with creating a brand that is clean, simple, and beautiful (everything your average financial institution is not!). By night, I write for my own site, curate all things geek, design cool stuff, and make a mean margarita. I’m inspired by awesome typography, gorgeous illustrations, beautiful code, and kick ass tattoos.

The personal stuff

I have been a connoisseur of all things geek since middle school when my father first brought home an ‘IBM compatible’ something-or-other to play around with. I took it apart, and took apart pretty much every other piece of equipment that refused to work or that was unfortunate enough to be interesting to me. I broke some stuff, but mostly was able to figure out how to fix things. I was cured of this obsession after taking a job at a tech repair desk in a large retail store which will go unnamed.

Since then, I have been focused on the ‘pretty’ aspects of the tech world- I love beautiful websites, beautiful fonts, and beautiful software. I’ve been a designer for 10+ years now and have a day job where I can really enjoy myself and flex my creative muscles, so to speak. In my spare time, though, I can’t resist my inner geek and find myself taking apart broken watches, following @wilw on Twitter, and playing Diggnation drinking games.

The work stuff

Currently, I am the in-house graphic designer for, an online investing platform. I’m responsible for all things brand- and design-related, as well as some front-end WordPress wizardry. Mixing design and a little development is the highlight of my day. Before moving to NYC, I worked for ING USA, in the Retirement Services Marketing department in a team of graphic designers. I worked mainly on print collateral for retirement plan managers and consumers, with the occasional email and Flash design thrown in. I was previously employed by ThermoSpas, Inc. where I worked on everything from printed brochures and marketing materials, to websites and blogs, to product packaging, to signage and environmental design. Prior to that, I was with Frontier Vision Technologies in Newington, Connecticut as a project manager. There, I oversaw the development of dynamic websites from concepting to completion, managing design and development tasks to ensure timely and quality completion of projects. I also handled much of the in-office graphical work ranging from print to multimedia.