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Moo Cards 2.0

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First of all, I have to say that I love Moo. This is the second set of Mini cards I have gotten from them, and I’m again impressed with the order process, the print quality, and the turnaround time. The cards are fantastically handy to keep in a purse or pocket for when you need them. I still have a few of my first batch left, but I decided to order more since I’ve updated my brand look a little, and have started transitioning to my Google Voice number.

For my cards, I wanted to do something clean and simple, but that would take advantage of Moo’s cool process of putting a different image on the back of every card. I looked at the cards as puzzle pieces, and created one large image big enough for 50 of the cards, and then sliced it into individual images. This way, the cards were slightly different, but still cohesive. Here’s how I did it.

First, I created my canvas. On Moo’s website, the dimensions for each Mini Card are 874×378 pixels. I decided that 50 different images was plenty, and I could live with having two of each in my pack. Therefore, I made my canvas 4370×3780 to give me the size of 5 cards wide by 10 cards high. If you would like more or fewer different designs, feel free to adjust your original image accordingly.

Next, I set up my guides. To make this easy, I set my rulers to Percent by right clicking in the ruler and changing the units. Then, all that was left was to drag my vertical guides to every 20%, and my horizontal guides to every 10%. Hold down the Shift key to make the guides snap more precisely. Now you can see the size of each card and can start designing. One thing to keep in mind is that approximately 20 pixels around the edge will be your bleed, and will be trimmed off.

Download the Template!

To create something that is constant on every card as I did with my logo, you need to use a undocumented feature of the Transform and Transform Again tools. First, place your object where you would like it to appear on the first card. Here’s the secret: Normally, you would invoke Free Transform by hitting Cmd+T (or Ctrl+T on Windows). We’re going to hit Cmd+Alt+T to duplicate our object to transform, leaving the original intact. To line it up with the next card, add 378 to the current Y location, and enter that for the new Y location. For example, my object is located at 239px. This means I need to move it to 617 pixels from the top of my document which places it in exactly the same location on the second card. Now to make this easier, we’re going to invoke the similarly modified version of Transform Again by hitting Cmd+Alt+Shift+T to function like a Step and Repeat. When you have the entire left row of cards filled, use the same process to step and repeat across the X axis. Voilá! Your object now will appear in the same spot on every card.

Once you are done with your design, all that’s left is to create the individual images. Wouldn’t it be handy if we could just make slices out of the guides we already have? Wait, there is just such a tool! Click on the Slice tool, and in your toolbar there will be a button for Slices from Guides. Click this button and you will have 50 nice, neat, evenly sized slices just waiting for you to save out.

Once you have your individual images, you just need to go to Moo’s website and start their order process, and their wizard will walk you through uploading your images and laying out the front of your card. It really is that easy. I hope you’ve been inspired to give Moo a try for a unique, simple, and inexpensive card that can be used for so much more than business.


I have three 15% discounts that came with my cards. Why not give them to you guys? They’re good on your entire first Moo order too, not just mini cards! Leave a comment and make sure to include your email address, and I’ll draw three people randomly in one week- that’s September 1st (already? sheesh.). Please let me know if you’re actually planning on ordering cards, as I’d like to get these to people who will definitely use them. When you do order them, please come back and show them off!

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This is an unsponsored review, I don’t get anything from Moo for it. I just think they have a great product and want to spread the word!

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