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Moo Cards 2.0

Moo Unboxing


First of all, I have to say that I love Moo. This is the sec­ond set of Mini cards I have got­ten from them, and I’m again impressed with the order process, the print qual­ity, and the turn­around time. The cards are fan­tas­ti­cally handy to keep in a purse or pocket for when you need them. I still have a few of my first batch left, but I decided to order more since I’ve updated my brand look a lit­tle, and have started tran­si­tion­ing to my Google Voice number.

For my cards, I wanted to do some­thing clean and sim­ple, but that would take advan­tage of Moo’s cool process of putting a dif­fer­ent image on the back of every card. I looked at the cards as puz­zle pieces, and cre­ated one large image big enough for 50 of the cards, and then sliced it into indi­vid­ual images. This way, the cards were slightly dif­fer­ent, but still cohe­sive. Here’s how I did it.

First, I cre­ated my can­vas. On Moo’s web­site, the dimen­sions for each Mini Card are 874x378 pix­els. I decided that 50 dif­fer­ent images was plenty, and I could live with hav­ing two of each in my pack. There­fore, I made my can­vas 4370x3780 to give me the size of 5 cards wide by 10 cards high. If you would like more or fewer dif­fer­ent designs, feel free to adjust your orig­i­nal image accordingly.

Next, I set up my guides. To make this easy, I set my rulers to Per­cent by right click­ing in the ruler and chang­ing the units. Then, all that was left was to drag my ver­ti­cal guides to every 20%, and my hor­i­zon­tal guides to every 10%. Hold down the Shift key to make the guides snap more pre­cisely. Now you can see the size of each card and can start design­ing. One thing to keep in mind is that approx­i­mately 20 pix­els around the edge will be your bleed, and will be trimmed off.

Down­load the Template!

To cre­ate some­thing that is con­stant on every card as I did with my logo, you need to use a undoc­u­mented fea­ture of the Trans­form and Trans­form Again tools. First, place your object where you would like it to appear on the first card. Here’s the secret: Nor­mally, you would invoke Free Trans­form by hit­ting Cmd+T (or Ctrl+T on Win­dows). We’re going to hit Cmd+Alt+T to dupli­cate our object to trans­form, leav­ing the orig­i­nal intact. To line it up with the next card, add 378 to the cur­rent Y loca­tion, and enter that for the new Y loca­tion. For exam­ple, my object is located at 239px. This means I need to move it to 617 pix­els from the top of my doc­u­ment which places it in exactly the same loca­tion on the sec­ond card. Now to make this eas­ier, we’re going to invoke the sim­i­larly mod­i­fied ver­sion of Trans­form Again by hit­ting Cmd+Alt+Shift+T to func­tion like a Step and Repeat. When you have the entire left row of cards filled, use the same process to step and repeat across the X axis. Voilá! Your object now will appear in the same spot on every card.

Once you are done with your design, all that’s left is to cre­ate the indi­vid­ual images. Wouldn’t it be handy if we could just make slices out of the guides we already have? Wait, there is just such a tool! Click on the Slice tool, and in your tool­bar there will be a but­ton for Slices from Guides. Click this but­ton and you will have 50 nice, neat, evenly sized slices just wait­ing for you to save out.

Once you have your indi­vid­ual images, you just need to go to Moo’s web­site and start their order process, and their wiz­ard will walk you through upload­ing your images and lay­ing out the front of your card. It really is that easy. I hope you’ve been inspired to give Moo a try for a unique, sim­ple, and inex­pen­sive card that can be used for so much more than business.


I have three 15% dis­counts that came with my cards. Why not give them to you guys? They’re good on your entire first Moo order too, not just mini cards! Leave a com­ment and make sure to include your email address, and I’ll draw three peo­ple ran­domly in one week– that’s Sep­tem­ber 1st (already? sheesh.). Please let me know if you’re actu­ally plan­ning on order­ing cards, as I’d like to get these to peo­ple who will def­i­nitely use them. When you do order them, please come back and show them off!

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Do you have a gor­geous Moo card? Share it in the comments!



This is an unspon­sored review, I don’t get any­thing from Moo for it. I just think they have a great prod­uct and want to spread the word!

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