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Pink for October


In case you haven’t noticed, Madyson Designs has gone pink! Now I’m normally not a fan of pink, but it’s a great way to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month for October. My family has luckily not been closely affected by breast cancer, but with 2.5 million breast cancer survivors in the US alone, it’s still a cause I believe in.

Pink for October saw 15,000 sites adopt a pink theme in one way or another in 2008, and every site that joins in in 2009 will help spread awareness about the cause. Visit to see the growing list of participating sites.


There are many sites where you can learn about breast cancer, statistics, and how to detect and prevent it. Every early detection helps save someone’s life. Many of these sites offer awareness paraphernalia with proceeds going to the cause.


Many sites are offering special sales and savings this month to benefit the cause. Most are also donating a portion of proceeds to breast cancer charities.


Many other blogs, sites and Twitter pages have adopted ‘Pink for October’ themes to show support for breast cancer awareness. Take a look and perhaps be inspired to create your own pink redesign.

Chris Harrison

Fred LeBlanc

Kyle Fiedler

Mike Conaty (Twitter)

James Bowman (Twitter)

If you’ve dolled up your site for Breast Cancer Awareness leave a comment to let me know, and I will add it to the list. Don’t forget to add your site to the list at Pink for October too!

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