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ThermoSpas Direct

ThermoSpas Direct Logo Options

Client: ThermoSpas
Software: Adobe Illustrator
Project: Logo Options for new ThermoSpas Direct mail program

The task here was to come up with some options for a new direct mail program. This logo would be used across several types of print materials for customers out of the normal range of service for ThermoSpas. The challenge here was to come up with something new and fresh that would still fit within the current image. The logo chosen was the top row, second from left among the options, however, I chose to continue to expand and elaborate upon the idea and came up with something I think is even better, shown at the top. The icon/type treatment shown would be usable in any context, and the graphic would give some additional design elements to be used elsewhere in the collateral. For example, a building block such as the wave shape or the arrow would be useful as a background screen in stationary or brochures.

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