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ThermoSpas Direct

ThermoSpas Direct Logo Options

Client: Ther­mo­Spas
Soft­ware: Adobe Illus­tra­tor
Project: Logo Options for new Ther­mo­Spas Direct mail program

The task here was to come up with some options for a new direct mail pro­gram. This logo would be used across sev­eral types of print mate­ri­als for cus­tomers out of the nor­mal range of ser­vice for Ther­mo­Spas. The chal­lenge here was to come up with some­thing new and fresh that would still fit within the cur­rent image. The logo cho­sen was the top row, sec­ond from left among the options, how­ever, I chose to con­tinue to expand and elab­o­rate upon the idea and came up with some­thing I think is even bet­ter, shown at the top. The icon/type treat­ment shown would be usable in any con­text, and the graphic would give some addi­tional design ele­ments to be used else­where in the col­lat­eral. For exam­ple, a build­ing block such as the wave shape or the arrow would be use­ful as a back­ground screen in sta­tion­ary or brochures.

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