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CT Safety Society

CT Safety Society

Client: Free­lance
Soft­ware: Adobe InDe­sign, Adobe Illus­tra­tor
Project: Posters and ban­ners to dis­play at a trade show, along with a logo redraw and refresh.

This is a set of posters done for the Con­necti­cut Safety Soci­ety to be dis­played at the Annual Safety Sym­po­sium. The posters were used as dec­o­ra­tion, pro­mo­tion, and wayfind­ing. The posters needed to be infor­ma­tional, yet reusable for the sym­po­sium in future years due to lim­ited bud­get. The use of bright green tied the posters in to the inter­na­tional safety color scheme, and allowed them to stand out. An addi­tional task was to redraw the organization’s logo from a JPEG source into vec­tor for­mat to allow it to be used at any size. The logo was also refreshed to mod­ern­ize it.

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