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Keys to the Capitol

Keys to the Capital Email Templates

Client: Keys to the Capi­tol
Soft­ware: Adobe Pho­to­shop
Project: Email Tem­plate Design

Keys to the Capi­tol is a con­gres­sional lobby group who had recently updated their web­site. They wanted to be able to con­tact mem­bers of their email data­base and keep them updated. The basic idea was to cre­ate one tem­plate with in-depth infor­ma­tion on a sin­gle sub­ject and a list of bills that are up for vote. The sec­ond tem­plate would be sent out less fre­quently, and would have more of a digest func­tion. Both emails needed to include basic con­tact and for­ward­ing infor­ma­tion so cre­at­ing a stan­dard header and footer that would be used in every email cre­ated a con­sis­tent look. Both emails also needed to fit in with the cur­rent web­site design, but I was able to give them a more sophis­ti­cated and mod­ern feel­ing that they can build from in the future.

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