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Eight More Creative Ladies

This is a continuation of my original Seven Creative Ladies article. Be sure to read the original post to get more creative inspiration.

I was so inspired by the ladies in my original post that I couldn’t wait to do a second round. These are just a few of the many talented, friendly, and interesting women I have gotten to know recently. This time, I seem to have gotten a very diverse group of women in many creative fields. All serve to show how differently the creative vein runs through different people. Like in my first post, I posed two questions to everyone. The responses are fantastic insight into what makes us all tick. (more…)

Seven Creative Ladies

I love connecting with other designers to find out about how they got their start, and what makes them tick. It’s so inspiring to see how people from so many different walks of life and from so many different backgrounds can all have something in common. A passion to create, no matter what specific avenue, is something I love to see others express. And yet, the creative spark can manifest itself in so many different ways. (more…)